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  1. Cutting through extremely thick components
  2. Cutting openings without overcutting (doors, windows and shafts etc.)
  3. Small structural modifications (cutting through columns and beams)
  4. Sawing with a minimum of noise
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JEM Concrete Drilling & Sawing has equipment to perform wire sawing at nearly any location. We are able to saw through concrete, masonry, rebar, refractory, and steel plate or shell. Contact us today to learn more or to get an estimate for our wire sawing services!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is wire saw?

Wire saw is a saw that uses a metal wire or cable for cutting. Industrial wire saws are usually powered. There are also hand-powered survivalist wire saws suitable for cutting branches. Wire saws are classified as continuous (or endless, or loop) or oscillating (or reciprocating). Sometimes the wire itself is referred to as a "blade"..Read More

2. Is wire saw effective?

Wire saws are very effective medium to use as they are lighter, easier to store, and can cut large logs for a lasting fire or a recovery shelter. Besides being very intuitive to use, these saws are very effective, to the extent that some special models are used in mining and quarrying to perform the first rough cut of the material. Typically, they consist of two handles and a braided wire blade..Read More

3. What can be done using wire saw?

The wire saw are used in wide-range . Mining and quarrying industries make use of a wire saw for cutting hard stones into large blocks. These blocks are then transferred to processing plants so that they can refine further, or they sent to distributors..Read More